11 Comfortable and Supportive Swimsuits for Postpartum Bodies

, 11 Comfortable and Supportive Swimsuits for Postpartum Bodies
, 11 Comfortable and Supportive Swimsuits for Postpartum Bodies

While pregnancy definitely comes with a host of challenges, navigating your new body postpartum has its own share of stress as well. If you’re looking for the best postpartum swimsuits this summer it might be difficult to narrow down the choices. We spoke with an ob-gyn to help guide us on what to look for in a swimsuit, tankini top, or bikini for postpartum moms.

How does your body change during postpartum?

“Postpartum is a massive, taxying readjustment—both physically and emotionally,” says Dr. Anna Cabeca, triple-board certified ob-gyn and author of the upcoming book MenuPause: Five Unique Eating Plans to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau and Improve Mood, Sleep and Hot Flashes. “Some of the physical changes a postpartum body goes through includes stretched out skin (stretch marks) around your belly, hips, and breasts. Not only will the skin around your breasts change, but the shape will change as well…and you will need more support there. Some women tend to hold on to weight around the belly, and some women also notice that even when they lose all the weight, their shape has shifted, usually in the hips.”

Some other changes involve loose skin in the tummy, along with larger breasts while you’re nursing. So, it makes complete sense that putting on a swimsuit and heading to the beach this summer with a comfortable and supportive swimsuit is essential. Thankfully, you have no need to worry. These days, there are so many wonderful swimsuits designed for postpartum bodies with designs like easy access for breastfeeding or soft fabric for tender skin. 

What to look for in a postpartum swimsuit

Ideally, you’ll want postpartum swimwear that gives you tummy support for your sensitive belly, whether that’s through a high-waisted bottom or extra compression on a one-piece. Underwire and padded cups are a huge help for your sore breasts, but you can also opt for a full-shelf bra for extra support. Dr. Cabecas suggests temporarily sizing up a size or two in order to have your bikini bottoms fit your newly curvy hips, too.

“Overall, prioritize your comfort,” she adds. “Stretchy fabrics will adjust as your body changes. Some women may prefer darker, plainer colors to hide the curves, while others may prefer patterned or more colorful clothing to brighten up their days, but that’s an individual call.” From rainbows of shades to sleek, chic black, there’s a postpartum bathing suit out there for you. Below we’ve picked the best postpartum swimsuits from Amazon, Summersalt, Walmart, and more.

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