, How do you feel about gift with purchases?

How do you feel about gift with purchases?

, How do you feel about gift with purchases?

I used to really like them and shopped around various stores and purchased X amount. Great for work and travel.

The past few years? Way too many cheap bags. Gifts years ago sometimes had a decent tote bag. Som of the bags have smelled and are useless, Some customers complained about the bags to the sales rep. We all have lots of bags. Why can’t there be a spa washcloth or something else.

Gifts have become repetitive. Same stuff which is great if you use it. Same lipstick shade. I end up keeping some of the gift and donate parts I don’t use. If I don’t like the face moisturizer, I use it as body cream.

The spend threshold has steadily increased and the gift value has decreased. Do I want to spend $85 on products to get a $120 gift? Do I want to spend $150 or more to get the better gift? Depends. If you don’t pre-order here, the step-up gift is gone in a day or two. Some stores just bring in stock from the warehouse and sometimes you can’t find what you want or need, hence one must pre-order. I think only the Bay and Shoppers in Canada offer gifts, Otherwise, it is the brand’s website. Little variety. I do like some sort of reward for my loyalty to X brand, but I would rather get 15% off instead.

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