, Megan Fox Dyed Her Hair Pink to Match Machine Gun Kelly’s

Megan Fox Dyed Her Hair Pink to Match Machine Gun Kelly’s

Since Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly first went public with their relationship in June 2020, they have been attached at the hip and some other places. For instance, the couple was linked together by a silver chain connecting their pinky fingers at the launch of Kelly’s nail polish brand UN/DN LAQR in late December 2021. This wouldn’t be the first or last time the duo coordinated their looks. A few months later in May, they revealed matching voodoo doll finger tattoos on each of their ring fingers. Now the couple is looking matchy-matchy again with similar shades of pink hair.

The duo revealed the bold hair color at the premiere of the rapper’s upcoming documentary, Machine Gun Kelly’s Life In Pink, on June 27. The documentary title is definitely an apt name, given Kelly’s bright magenta hair, which he first debuted in early June. On the other hand, Fox adopted a softer, pastel shade. Her lightly wavy hair has dark brown roots that transition into a light pink hue with the very tips of the waves touching her waistline. Though we’re sure Kelly will be keeping the bright hair color for a while, we have a good feeling that Fox’s lighter pink hue is short-lived and the work of a perfectly dyed wig — but only time will tell.

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