, I Waited Two Months to Try Tancho’s Viral, Sold-Out Hair Wax Stick. Worth It.

I Waited Two Months to Try Tancho’s Viral, Sold-Out Hair Wax Stick. Worth It.

, I Waited Two Months to Try Tancho’s Viral, Sold-Out Hair Wax Stick. Worth It.

Everyone has their go-to hairstyle for when their hair just isn’t cooperating. For me, it’s a high ponytail that calls for a few hair ties and the Tancho High-Grade Hair Stick. If you haven’t heard of this Japanese hair-care brand before, don’t worry; I hadn’t either. It was during one of my casual nighttime scrolls through TikTok that I came across user Arielle Lorre‘s video, which put this affordable, Japanese hair wax on the map. Lorre shared in her TikTok that, while getting her hair done, hairstylist Irinel de León revealed the Tancho High-Grade Hair Stick was the secret sauce to creating the chic, slicked-back, off-duty model hairstyle a signature for both Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. 

It wasn’t long after Loore uploaded her video that dozens of other TikTok users began sharing their real-time results with the lime-green pomade — and with rave reviews. Right then and there I knew that it was going to sell out, as most TikTok-viral beauty products do, if I pondered on the $19 purchase any longer. Unfortunately for me, I still was too late. Fast forward two entire months of glaring at Amazon’s taunting “sold-out” banner, and I was finally able to place my order while anticipating the day I could tame my own flyaways with the Tancho High-Grade Hair Stick. Now, that day has finally come. 

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My first question after unscrewing the lid was: Why is it green? I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of pomades and waxes, but none of them had a color so prominent as this one. I’m still not quite sure, however, if you’re questioning whether or not the color of the wax will transfer onto your hair, don’t worry — the green hue did not show up on Loore’s blonde locks nor on my dark brown head of hair. 

Next came the scent. I smell literally any and every beauty product I get my hands on, whether it be shampoo, lotion, or a facial serum it’s just instinct at this point. The scent on the tube’s packaging labels it as lavender, which makes perfect sense seeing as it gives off a subtle, herbal aroma. Many TikTok users describe the hair wax as comparable to a car freshener, and I can’t say they’re wrong.

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