, Chloe Cherry Doesn’t Think Her Lips Are That Big

Chloe Cherry Doesn’t Think Her Lips Are That Big

, Chloe Cherry Doesn’t Think Her Lips Are That Big

Her beauty routine juxtaposes the intense with the simple, too. Her skin-care regimen is legit, based on her past experience with cystic acne — she uses a dermatologist prescribed topical treatment for her breakouts, goes hard with a hyaluronic acid serum, and says she loves slugging by slathering her face in either Vaseline or Neosporin. For makeup, her signature look is different colored eye shadow on each eye; on the flip side, she likes Lily Rose Depp and Bella Hadid’s natural looks as inspiration.

Cherry surprised me several times during our interview. Some answers I thought would be fun and light, until she took to a deeper level that had me contemplating the meaning of life. For instance, I noted that her Instagram feed is an explosion of her personality. It’s not curated. It’s not staged. How did she get to the point where she felt comfortable being so uninhibited?

“I have this lyric in one of my rap songs. I’ve three rap songs.” Yes, she raps. “It goes, ‘Feel the freeness like I need it, a certain form of genius, staring at the stars like I just came back from Venus.’ I literally need to feel free or else I can’t cope. I can’t survive. I don’t want to be a person if I can’t just be free. I always say none of us chose to be born and we definitely didn’t choose to have to work to live — none of us chose to be here. I’m just trying to get through it, honestly. I’m not about to go listen to some weird person’s societal rules or something. I just feel this certain freeness. It is almost like a certain form of genius to be that free to be that open and to be that open to the world. I think.”

She later tells me her parents were artists, which may have something to do with it, too.

As the new face of the Urban Decay’s Vice Lip Bond Liquid Lipstick — which kind of reminds me of LipSense, sans the MLM and two-step application — she tells me the first product she tried from the brand was Perversion eyeliner and Heavy Metal glitters, which “ruled her middle school years.” She loves Lip Bond because she prefers glossy to matte lips and the product doesn’t budge.

“It doesn’t transfer to anything and it actually stays shiny, so you can eat and drink and it stays looking nice,” she says. As someone who has heard this ten times over from brands before, I’m shocked when I apply it — it feels glossy on the lips, but it doesn’t come off. Not on a straw, a cup, a hand, a face — nada. The trick is to apply one coat in a single direction. Don’t blot your lips together. Let it set for a few seconds and you’re solid.

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