, Why Wonho Prefers to Keep His Beauty Routine Minimal

Why Wonho Prefers to Keep His Beauty Routine Minimal

Speaking of “Crazy” and his latest EP Facade, Wonho tells me that he worked with an entirely different team of hairstylists and makeup artists that he thought he “could really vibe and click with.” Given that some of the lyrics he cowrote for “Crazy” include “Gettin’ with the vibe, I get people dancing on the beat,” this dynamic seems to check out. He was previously acquainted with these people, “who are very talented and hardworking,” he notes, “so it’s creating a very good synergy and I’m enjoying the [glam] process.” In other words, Wonho is a man who knows what he wants in terms of styling, which he confirms when I ask what type of role he takes when it comes to brainstorming and developing comeback concepts. “In charge” is the phrase his translator (and, I assume, Wonho) uses. 

Since embarking on his solo journey, his style has taken a turn towards the casual and timeless realm. “My style has become somewhat neater — eco-friendly [if you will],” he contemplates. (As an example, he points out that he wears shoes made out of recycled materials.) “I think, if the styling or the outfits are too luxurious, glamorous, or flashy, it hurts the environment — especially since they get thrown away so often.” And, in opposition to the constant cycle of change we typically see from K-pop idol groups (nothing wrong with this approach, either), Wonho points out that “it’s hard to make a lasting impression on people if the style or the concept changes too much.” Thus, he sticks with clothing that can be seen as “basic” and pairs well with any occasion.

Even with the joyful carnival/amusement park-inspired theme he had in mind for Facade, Wonho kept his style simple. Throughout the “Crazy” music video you’ll spot distressed streetwear, classic denim and leather jackets, and outfits that show off his, well, assets. “I wanted to tell my fans to enjoy every moment right now [as if you’re at a carnival soaking it all in], but also to look forward to what’s ahead,” Wonho divulges, noting that he kept this sentiment in mind while songwriting.

, Why Wonho Prefers to Keep His Beauty Routine Minimal

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