, Lauren Conrad’s First-Ever Fragrance Smells Like a Love Song

Lauren Conrad’s First-Ever Fragrance Smells Like a Love Song

, Lauren Conrad’s First-Ever Fragrance Smells Like a Love Song

Loved, which arrives on HSN July 19, is a classic floral inspired by Lauren’s personal love story with her husband. It bursts open with grapefruit, white tea, peony, and magnolia. The heart of the scent features pink rose, tuberose, and gardenia, with a base of lily, jasmine, and musks. The scent is available as an eau de parfum and a body lotion, as well as a gift set that includes both.

I talked to Conrad about what inspired her new scent, growing multiple lifestyle brands, and what she learned from growing up in the spotlight.

ALLURE: What is your personal relationship to fragrance?

Lauren Conrad: For me, fragrance has always been really sentimental. I think that for a lot of people, fragrance can transport you, it’s so closely related to your memories. I’ve worn a lot of fragrance throughout the years and I love that I can smell something that I wore years ago and it can take me back there.

ALLURE: Are there any fragrances that impacted you or meant a lot to you throughout your early life?

LC: It’s funny, I was trying to remember some of the first scents I wore. It was either Ralph by Ralph Lauren or Clinique Happy. One of those was my first fragrance, I think it was Ralph. When I was younger, I definitely gravitated towards a sweeter smelling scent. Then as I got older, I was more into musks and florals.

ALLURE: You’ve established a ton of successful brands in the last 10 years. Why is now the time to launch your first perfume?

LC: I always wanted to take my time with different categories while growing the brand. I spent years building my apparel and accessories and all of that. I didn’t ever want to rush things.

I also like to get educated on categories. Both the fragrance and beauty spaces are very complicated. It was really just finding the right partner, taking the time to sort of familiarize myself with how fragrances were created, and just have a better understanding of the process.

I developed Loved during COVID so I wasn’t able to actually do it in person, it was a lot of shipping samples back and forth. It was interesting, I really got to learn more of the language. It’s sort of like describing a feeling, and everybody reacts differently to that. So it was a lot of me trying to dig for words on these phone calls where I was like, “this smells sharp” or “this smells bright.” The team was really nice and worked with me and was really patient.

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