, The 27 Best New Hair Styling Products We Found This Year

The 27 Best New Hair Styling Products We Found This Year

, The 27 Best New Hair Styling Products We Found This Year

This is so much more than just a hair mask. Okay, actually, it is just a hair mask, but you can do so much with it that it will become an instant staple in your hair-care rotation. You can use it in the shower as a quick mask, apply to wet hair and leave in for an overnight treatment, or comb a tiny pump through clean hair to help it dry shiny, strong, and frizz-free. Briogeo has done it again, creating another brilliant product for dry, damaged, curly, and natural styles. So if your hair’s been lacking a little je ne sais quoi, buy this.

Bonus points, per the experts: Protein does the same thing to your hair that it does to your muscles—helps it stay strong! That’s why it’s a useful ingredient when you’re trying to treat dryness, damage, or just give your hair a little bit of life back. This mask also contains algae, which may help hair retain moisture.

One tester said: “I’ve been using this product for a number of months now, and every time I come back to it I am reminded of just how good it is. I’ve tried a bunch of other hair masks along the way, too, and none give me the hydrating results that this one does. It literally brings my hair back to life, and I prefer to use it overnight: I wet my hair and apply it all over before bed—never shy with the amount I use—and wash it out when I shower in the morning. I only follow it with some leave-in conditioner and the result is always hair with the perfect texture and volume. (You can feel the protein doing its job to strengthen!) Seriously, I just love it. Leaves no residue, easy to use, and really freaking works whenever my hair feels out of whack, unbalanced, or like it’s going through a phase where it’s not doing what I want it to do.

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