, 13 Best Sunscreen Sticks for Mess-Free UV Protection

13 Best Sunscreen Sticks for Mess-Free UV Protection

, 13 Best Sunscreen Sticks for Mess-Free UV Protection

Sunscreen is the most essential part of your skin-care routine, but chances are you knew that already. With that being said, some of us come across a few issues when using a classic sunscreen lotion — white casts, greasy residue, and nauseating scents (which can irritate sensitive skin types) are just the start. That’s why we swipe on one of the best sunscreen sticks when we’re in need of UV-ray protection.

Fatima Fahs, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Canden, Michigan, says broad-spectrum solid stick formulas perform just as well as lotions. Like any sunscreen, you have to apply the right amount of the formula in order to have and maintain broad-spectrum protection. “The more the merrier in general, but I tell patients to apply for four passes back and forth on each area of application to make sure you get a good amount on,” says Dr. Fahs. “Rub it in a bit after applying to help ensure you don’t have skip areas.” She also recommends applying your sunscreen stick on dry skin so the formula “stays put.”

Overall, Dr. Fahs says sunscreen sticks can be a great replacement for lotions if they are applied correctly. Below, check out the 13 best broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen face sticks you can buy.

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