, Your Aquarius August 2022 Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Your Aquarius August 2022 Horoscope Predictions Are Here

, Your Aquarius August 2022 Horoscope Predictions Are Here

As mentioned, the loving vibes certainly do continue to flow this month, Aquarius. When Mars, a warrior planet that also rules primal sexuality, enters flirty Gemini on Saturday, August 20, it’s like the stars sprinkle fairy dust all over your sex life. This transit sees you reconnecting with your body in any sensual way, whether you’re playing with a sex toy or treating yourself to a massage. For those in relationships, this date signifies a rekindling of sorts. Perhaps you’re happy in love but well, used to your partner. This is an ideal time to feel giddy again by exploring fantasies, role-playing, or anything your heart desires, Aquarius. You have a kinky side, and everyone knows it, darling. 

In fact, when hard-working Virgo season begins on Monday, August 22, it’s an ideal time to deepen your exploration of your sexuality. Virgo is an earth sign that represents health and healing, and sexual healing is real. Over the next few weeks, you may find yourself working to resolve trauma. If there are minor disagreements within your relationship, it’s also an advantageous time to work through them. 

This theme continues when your ruling planet, eccentric Uranus, goes retrograde for five months beginning on Wednesday, August 24. There’s no cause for alarm, love; this retrograde happens yearly. You’ve survived many before. However, it does ask you to focus on your health and healing. Continue to notice what (and who) lifts you up and what relationships or jobs bring you down. By the time your ruling planet goes direct, you should feel like a more evolved form of yourself and be even happier with your relationships. You’ve gone this, Aquarius, and see you next month! 

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