, ColourPop Matte About Hue Palette Swatches

ColourPop Matte About Hue Palette Swatches

ColourPop Matte About Hue Palette is the newest mega-sized palette from the brand, and it’ll launch on August 4th. ColourPop said that this palette is the result of the community’s feedback and that they were officially accepting the challenge I issued last December after they released the Gone Matte palette. (“Now, I dare ColourPop to do it again… but give us some slightly desaturated colorful tones in an all-matte format; then you’ll have just about all the matte eyeshadows one could ask for. “)

You can use code TEMPTALIA for 10% off your ColourPop orders, including this palette, and for the month of August, I will receive higher commission on sales of this specific palette.

And hey, since it worked once before, here’s my next challenge — all-shimmer palette filled with duochromes, an introduction to multichromes, and rich pearl and metallics. I envision the first row being duochromes (as shown) or doing a row of lighter, more translucent duochrome/iridescent transformer shades with some additional duochromes scattered throughout.

Keeping in mind reality, maybe three or four multichrome shades – two black-based and two using a colored base. I imagine the very last row to being deeper, richer but really smooth, satin-to-pearl kind of shimmer, so they could almost blend out to semi-matte if desired. The inspiration, overall, is crystal/mineral-inspired!

I’ll never understand why we haven’t seen an all duochrome/transformative shimmer palette from more brands! I think monochromatic quads could even work here – translucent duochrome/shifter, two duochromes, and then anchored by a deeper, satin-pearl or semi-matte.

, ColourPop Matte About Hue Palette Swatches

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