, 12 “Masculine” Fragrances We Can’t Get Enough of

12 “Masculine” Fragrances We Can’t Get Enough of

, 12 “Masculine” Fragrances We Can’t Get Enough of

Fragrance has traditionally been divided into men’s and women’s categories, but in 2022, who cares? We all like things that smell good, regardless of how we identify. That’s part of the reason why so many brands are marketing their fragrances as unisex these days. And me, personally… well, I’m into it.

Not just me, though — turns out, this is the case for many Allure staffers, too. We’re not new to this, we’re true to this. And while we can agree that scents don’t have a gender, we can admit that some fragrances that are designated for men, or have a scent profile we may typically associate as more masculine-leaning, are really fabulous — fabulous enough to swipe right off your masc-identifying friend or lover’s nightstand.

Or… to buy for yourself, gendered marketing be damned. What we know for sure is that when we love a fragrance, we’re gonna spray it on regardless. So I asked a few of my fellow fragrance lovers on staff to share their favorite “men’s” scents  that they love on themselves or someone else. Below, 12 scents you need to try, no matter how you identify.

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