, 23 Best Liquid Lipsticks for No-Budge, Transfer-Proof Color

23 Best Liquid Lipsticks for No-Budge, Transfer-Proof Color

, 23 Best Liquid Lipsticks for No-Budge, Transfer-Proof Color

We’ve come a long way with lipstick in a few short years, haven’t we? At one time, we had to constantly reapply our bullets of rouges and nudes after every bite of food. But now, the best liquid lipsticks on the market are ready to greet your lips with velvety, no-budge formulas. There are so many liquid-based options to choose from that have full-coverage color, extra-long wear, and best of all, remain comfortable so you barely remember you’re wearing anything on your lips in the first place.

Before you even pick up your lip color of choice, Los Angeles-based makeup artist Manuel Espinoza says prepping your lips is essential for a smooth, plush, and rose-petal-like finish. “This includes exfoliating and removing any dead skin on the lips to ensure a smooth application and look,” he says. He recommends incorporating gentle sugar-based scrubs for exfoliation and moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and honey to condition this delicate area of skin. “Be sure to also remove any excess oils, glosses, or lip balms prior to applying your liquid lipstick, as you want the lipstick color to lock onto your lips,” he adds.

No matter which formula you grab, Espinoza says one of his key tips for long-lasting color is, simply, lip liner “Use [lip liner] as a base and border for where you’re going to apply your liquid lipstick,” he says. “You can also blend the edges of the lip liner with a small makeup brush for a seamless contour and long-lasting wear.”

Whether you’re looking for a luxury lip product or an affordable drugstore option, one from your favorite beauty brand, or an up-and-coming indie pick that can be your new best-kept secret, there is an option on this list for you. Below, take a look at the very best liquid lipstick formulas to swipe on — trust us, they’ll last through every bite of your greasiest slice of pizza.

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