, Allure Editors Say These Are the Best Ilia Products, Ever

Allure Editors Say These Are the Best Ilia Products, Ever

, Allure Editors Say These Are the Best Ilia Products, Ever

Some brands break onto the beauty scene and become instant classics. Ilia is proving to be one of those all-stars. After experiencing its formulas, which have simplistic formulations without compromising on vibrancy and payoff, we totally understand why Allure readers and editors alike love the brand’s makeup. Not to mention, Ilia is one of the few beauty brands to win both Allure Readers’ Choice and Best of Beauty Awards. Plus, its products have become celebrity favorites — pretty impressive, right?

From its roots as an independent beauty company to recently being acquired by the parent company of Clarins, Ilia’s success can be contributed to its ability to hone in on what it knows best. “Our main mission is to protect and revive your skin,” Ilia founder Sasha Plasvic previously told Allure. “Our core values are transparency and authenticity, and these two things are what I think people are really looking for today.” It certainly doesn’t hurt to also have a lineup of stellar products, too. 

Here at Allure, we definitely have our favorites. The Balmy Gloss Tinted Lip Oil got commerce editor Sarah Han through some rough winter days of working from home. And senior editor Dianna Mazzone streamlined her beauty routine with the help of the multitasking Super Serum Skin Tint.

Needless to say, newbies to the brand are in for a real treat. If you’re unsure where to begin, we’re here to help. You can start with the makeup basics, like the Essential Brow Gel and NightLite Bronzing Powder, or stick with one that’s already beloved, like the aforementioned favorites. Either way, prepare to dive headfirst and fall in love — fast.  

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