, 7 Coffin Nail Ideas to Try This Fall

7 Coffin Nail Ideas to Try This Fall

, 7 Coffin Nail Ideas to Try This Fall

The shape might not be new, but social media icons (like Jenner, Rihanna, and Saweetie) are constantly reinventing coffin nails through insane nail art. Nail art is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away, which is great because “coffin nails are the best shape for nail art,” says Hunty. His explanation? “The squared-off edges act like corners of a canvas, and the length gives plenty of space for nail designs.” So if you’re getting coffins, don’t hold back on the nail art.

Why are coffin nails popular now? 

While nail art has helped launch coffin nails to social stardom, the look has also gained popularity because of improved ease and accessibility. “Up until two years ago, there was no such thing as coffin-shaped nail tips,” says Alex Vong, a nail artist based in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Nail techs had to hack the shape by “sculpting it using a nail form, or cutting off the pointed end of a stiletto tip,” he adds. 

Now, the beauty industry offers coffin products, which means it takes less time and less tools to create the look, says Vong. This could mean a lower price for you.

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How long are coffin nails? 

In terms of length, Domingues says, “Ideally, coffin nails should be medium- to long- length to achieve a properly tapered, elegant shape. If they’re too short, they can look a little stumpy.” Everyone’s perfect length will differ based on preference, hand shape, and lifestyle, so it’s important to talk length with your nail tech before getting started.

For those who usually go for a natural nail, it’s important to note that an artificial base is for both shape and protection. Hunty explains that an artificial foundation “gives natural nails a strong, structured foundation that protects the nail tips at extended lengths.” So if acrylics or extensions are a no-go for you, coffin nails might not be in your future. 

For first time members of the Coffin Club, Vong advises starting with a medium-length. Don’t overdo it. “You need to get used to the medium length before going for longer coffin nails,” he explains. “With long nails, everything changes: from how you pick up things, to how you cook. Long nails are a lifestyle.”

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