, August’s New Hair Launches Are Hotter Than Ever

August’s New Hair Launches Are Hotter Than Ever

, August’s New Hair Launches Are Hotter Than Ever

It’s been a scorching summer, and the hair launches for August are just as hot — literally. This month welcomes several different hot tools to add to your life. Chi just dropped a blow-dryer that weighs less than a pound; Amika has a new way to bring the beach straight to your hair, and you’ll love the rose gold accents on SB2 by Sutra Beauty‘s handy blowout brush. 

Thankfully, Prose and Ceremonia also has amazing styling gels in store for you, too, to combat sweat-induced frizzing. These formulas will also keep your hair as hydrated as you trying to keep yourself right now. 

A professional product from K18 also just hit shelves for all to finally enjoy, as well as a leave-in treatment from Living Proof that will make you feel like your hair feel just got back from the salon. (I’m personally adding both to my cart right now. My blue hair needs all the help it can get.) 

Keep scrolling to learn more about all of these hair launches for August and more. You can also check out what’s new in the makeup and skin-care worlds if you’re curious about what else this month has in store for your next Sephora haul. 

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