, I’m Obsessed With This Under-$20 Cream Blush

I’m Obsessed With This Under-$20 Cream Blush

For as long as I’ve worn makeup (the seventh grade), I’ve always been a blush gal. Over the years, I’ve tried dozens of different types — be it creams, liquids, powders, and oils; however, nowadays, I find myself gravitating towards cream blushes, which are all the rage on TikTok thanks to their blendable and buttery-soft formulas.

Despite my overflowing makeup shelf — half of which is consumed by, you guessed it, blushes — I keep reaching for my beloved Pixi On-The-Glow Blush. While the product has only recently taken TikTok by storm, I’ve actually been using it for several months, constantly switching between the three shades (Fleur, a pretty pink; Juicy, a bright orange; and Ruby, a candy-colored red), depending on the specific look I’m going for.

, I’m Obsessed With This Under-$20 Cream Blush

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Regardless of which shade you choose to purchase, it’s worth noting that all of them offer a sheer wash of color. However, you can always add additional layers of product for a more defined finish. For special events like brunch, happy hours, and date nights, I often swipe on two or three layers of product. Most recently, I’ve been following the TikTok-approved “W” blush technique, in which I use the stick to draw a “W” across the bridge of my nose to connect both cheeks for a sun-kissed look and then patting — no rubbing or tugging necessary — it into the skin in an upwards motion for a lifted look.

If you prefer a sheer finish, Amanda Bell, makeup artist and Pixi’s Global Director of Artistry & Education, says to use your fingertips. For slightly more pigment, opt for a beauty sponge, or, for an even bolder look, Bell recommends using a nylon brush to buff the product into the skin.

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