, Joe Jonas Told Us All About His First Time Getting Injectables

Joe Jonas Told Us All About His First Time Getting Injectables

ALLURE: Over the summer, it was announced that the Jonas Brothers will have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. How did it feel when you learned this?

JJ: It’s a huge honor. When we got the text, we were like, that’s amazing. And we all called each other. This is something that you look forward to as a young artist so much, and the idea that we could have this happen. I mean, we’re 20 years into our career, but still feel like we have more music to bring to the world. I’m really excited and I can’t wait for people to celebrate with us when it’s time.

ALLURE: Speaking of Hollywood, do you think that the high expectations of the entertainment industry strongly influenced your choice to be proactive about your skin care?

JJ: I’m sure that for some people it has a big influence on their decision-making. For me personally, I feel like I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by great, supportive people and I’ve kind of found a place in my life where I can just confidently make decisions myself and say, OK, this is what I want to do and this is how I feel. This is what makes me feel good and that’s all that really matters.

, Joe Jonas Told Us All About His First Time Getting Injectables


ALLURE: Injectables and beauty products have come a long way from what they were even five years ago. For some people, injectables have really become a form of genderless self-care. What is your advice to somebody who wants to try them for the first time?

JJ: Speak to your health-care provider, your dermatologist, whoever you feel has the best knowledge around these things. Just like anything I pick up to eat or drink or the products that I’m using on my face and hair, I want to know that it’s something that I can trust and can get behind and that it’s okay for me. So talk to your health-care provider and do the research.

ALLURE: For those of us who have gone through the treatment, we remember our very first time. It’s that memorable. What was your first experience like and where did it happen?

JJ: I was out in LA and it was a really easy procedure. I didn’t feel like I was going into this big thing that you only see on film and TV. I felt comfortable that this was not going to be a big ordeal. It felt easy and comfortable. I went with a friend and they also did it with me, so it wasn’t stress-inducing.

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