, Ariana Grande Revealed Her Cat-Eye Technique In the Most Hilarious Way

Ariana Grande Revealed Her Cat-Eye Technique In the Most Hilarious Way

, Ariana Grande Revealed Her Cat-Eye Technique In the Most Hilarious Way

Ariana Grande is no fool in the makeup department. Having performed since she was little, the singer knows how to create a beautiful beat in more ways than one… But ask her to apply her signature winged liner in front of all of TikTok, and that’s a lot of pressure on those musical shoulders.

In the latest post she uploaded to the video-sharing platform, Grande introduces the video in a British accent, “‘Ello there team UK. Selfridges flight crew. ‘Ello… I’ve been asked to demonstrate my eyeliner technique.” As for the accent? “They also told me that it might be nice if I did an accent while I made this video,” she revealed. “It’s written here: Selfridges would like her to maybe use a cheeky British element i.e. accent, tea, etcetera. So here I am, butchering this accent. I’m so sorry.”

Back to the topic at hand, the eyeliner, “I don’t know if it’s a good technique – I didn’t promise that – but I said that I’d do it.” And she even invited viewers to show their own techniques, asking them to “duet – I think that’s what the children call it.”

There were a couple of things Ari wanted to clear up before she started: namely, the absence of her wedding ring. “I’m just not wearing my ring, it’s getting cleaned, I’m not getting a divorce, so before you start, don’t,” she playfully tells viewers (still in that British accent). As for getting a straight line, she holds the skin just below the end of her brow taut and admits “I know I’m not supposed to yank, I won’t. Just for now…I’m just gonna wing it and go.”

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Cutting to the chase, the wing that Ari applied was immaculate. She started applying her liner at the end of the flick and sketched it straight inwards and across her lash-line in one effortless motion. Then, she went back in again to thicken it up. Her trick was to use the edge of her nail to clean up any outliers and make it look extra sleek.

Like the rest of us though, she held her breath, hoped for the best, and then looked pretty darn pleased after she smashed the first go. “Bloody hell, I’ve done it! It’s perfect. Oh my God,” she sobbed in mock tears.

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