, 13 Lip Scrubs to Smooth Dry, Chapped Lips

13 Lip Scrubs to Smooth Dry, Chapped Lips

, 13 Lip Scrubs to Smooth Dry, Chapped Lips

Just like the rest of your face, your lips can benefit from exfoliation every once in a while. In order to achieve super-soft lips, it’s important to get all the dead skin off the surface — that will not only make them smoother but will also allow lip colors to appear richer and more vibrant.

“Lips accumulate the same number of dead skin cells that the rest of our face does. For optimal moisturization and to promote absorption of other products, exfoliation is key,” New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD, tells Allure.

If you’re taking this extra time at home to give your skin some more TLC (at-home facials, we see you), don’t forget about your lips. Here, we rounded up our favorite lip scrubs to make it easier. There are drugstore options starting at $4, some luxurious choices with a higher price tag, and plenty in-between. Some of them you can even lick off once they’re done doing their magic. (Yum.) Needless to say, you’re sure to find a lip scrub to meet your needs, below.

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