, Dermaflash’s New Luxe+ Device Gave Me New Cheekbones

Dermaflash’s New Luxe+ Device Gave Me New Cheekbones

, Dermaflash’s New Luxe+ Device Gave Me New Cheekbones

“The new Microfine Edge provides even closer contact with your skin [for] even smoother, more radiant results,” explains Levy. And though the blade can now get closer to the skin, Levy emphasizes that “there’s no need to worry about nicks or scrapes,” thanks to a proprietary safety cage that keeps the blade in place. That said, at-home dermaplaning isn’t risk-free. Dr. Rossi explains that this cage can prevent injury, and that you shouldn’t be taking a straight-razor to your face for the same effect. 

“When using an at-home device like the Dermaflash, these have a safety mechanism to not cut too deeply,” he explains. “The main risk is cutting the skin which can lead to infection, scarring, and dyspigmentation.” Additionally, Dr. Rossi suggests avoiding at-home dermaplaning if you have active acne or rosacea as you can exacerbate these conditions and recommends seeing a board-certified dermatologist to discuss treatment options instead. 

So whether you’re new to at-home dermaplaning or you’re a seasoned pro, it’s vital to stick to tools made specifically for performing it. “I would avoid using a straight blade or a razor blade as this can be risky and can cause harm,” he warns. “Leave the surgical blades to the dermatologist.”

All that said, properly cleansing before you dermaplane is an easy way to make sure the process goes smoothly, which is why it’s considered part of the flashing process. “Prepping your skin is a must and cleaning your skin and hands thoroughly is important to reduce bacteria and the chance for infection,” says Dr. Rossi. That’s one reason the Luxe+ comes with a tiny tube of Preflash Essential Skin Prep, a cleanser that contains salicylic acid and witch hazel to remove oils from the skin, temporarily tighten the skin to help the device glide without snagging, and help peach fuzz stand up straighter for a smooth, safe shave

Before getting my own face “flashed” at the product’s press preview, I followed suit. As expected, my skin had that tight, slightly dry feeling I typically dislike from using less-than-stellar cleansers, but I knew this was serving a specific purpose. When a team member finally started shaving my face, I felt a gentle buzz as the razor touched my skin. As they worked their way from my cheekbones to my jaw shaving my shik in slow, short strokes, I started to see tufts of peach fuzz and dead skin fall off the device and float away with the breeze — gross, yet entirely satisfying. When they were finished, the results were instant and obvious: my skin was glowy with no product on it whatsoever, and the contours of my face looked much more defined. 

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