New Facial Plastic Surgery Stats Reveal What’s Trending Now

, New Facial Plastic Surgery Stats Reveal What’s Trending Now

The world’s largest association of facial plastic surgeons conducts a yearly survey to determine which procedures are most popular. More than half of the facial plastic surgeons surveyed for the annual American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) survey said they saw a significant increase in bookings and treatments last year. NewBeauty got an exclusive first look at what is booming in the world of facial aesthetics.

Nonsurgical Procedures 

Citing both disposable income and the lasting effects of the “Zoom Boom,” more people opted for noninvasive treatments. Doctors report that facial surgery only accounted for 18 percent of the procedures done last year. “As people returned to the office and eased back into the routine of daily life without quarantine, interest for elective surgeries and noninvasive ‘tweakments’ remain high,” notes AAFPRS president Theda Kontis, MD.

A Leaner Look

The top three surgical procedures include facelifts, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty however buccal fat removal continues to have a moment. Facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in buccal fat removal requests to achieve a slimmer face, but doctors warn to think twice before following this trend. “Buccal fat surgery is not reversible–so while you may love the look in your 20s and 30s, as you age, your face naturally loses fat, and therefore volume,” says Dr. Kontis. 

The report also notes that “Ozempic Face” has also been trending and has sparked even more interest in facial reshaping. “Like any massive weight-loss treatment, semiglutide treatments can cause fat pads to shrink, making facial volume depleted and the skin can appear lax and saggy,” adds Dr. Kontis. “Of course, we can treat these unwanted side effects with everything from fillers to facelifts, but the point is there’s no such thing as a magic pill.” 

Mirror, Mirror

Noting the influence of selfies on patient perception, close to 75 percent of facial plastic surgeons saw an uptick in patients under 30 requesting improvement. Citing low downtime and prejuvenation as motivating factors, 78 percent of members said their patients are starting preventive treatments in their 20s and 30s.

According to the data, lip lifts and blepharoplasties also saw a boost last year. Of the most popular surgical procedures, rhinoplasties continue to be the most popular treatment for patients under 34. This high interest in facial improvement from Gen Z to younger millennials will ensure the increased popularity of facial cosmetic treatments in years to come, which we will no doubt continue to see in future reports.

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