, Watch Selena Gomez Slather Her Face With Foundation in the Name of TikTok — See Video

Watch Selena Gomez Slather Her Face With Foundation in the Name of TikTok — See Video

, Watch Selena Gomez Slather Her Face With Foundation in the Name of TikTok — See Video

Remember the excessive foundation routine from TikToker Meredith Duxbury that involves rubbing tons of foundation on your face? Well, Selena Gomez decided to try it and film the process for her TikTok fans. And we’re not going to lie — we are kind of impressed with the results.

Gomez starts the TikTok video with her wavy hair in a loose half-up, half-down style. “I never talk, but I am going to try my dear love Meredith’s technique,” Gomez explains. “I would never do this only because I really don’t know how to.” A quick explainer on the viral Meredith Duxbury foundation technique: It involves rubbing a bunch of liquid foundation onto your face before grabbing a second foundation and smearing on more. Nowadays, according to Duxbury’s TikTok, she’ll just mix the two foundations together. For her tutorial, Gomez decides to use only one product: Rare Beauty’s Positive Light Tinted Moisturizer

The Rare Beauty founder pours roughly a quarter-size amount of tinted moisturizer onto the back of her hand before adding more. “What the hell am I doing, Selena Marie?” Gomez jokes as she uses the handle of a makeup brush to swipe the tinted moisturizer on her face. 

Before rubbing the product around with her hands, she says, “This is a disaster,” and notes that the tinted moisturizer doesn’t seem to be her shade. As she rubs the product all over her face, Gomez continues to express her doubts about the end result and questions why she even tried the technique in the first place. To her surprise and ours, she has a radiant glow when she’s done. 

Gomez is so shocked that her face looks good she decides it isn’t enough and adds more tinted moisturizer. “I’m pretty happy, but I’m going to do more because I want it to be weirder. It’s alright for now,” she says, before pouring more tinted moisturizer onto her hands and applying it to her face as if it were a serum or face cream. Her goal is clearly to put as much tinted moisturizer on as possible before she squeezes more directly onto her face!

To end the video, Gomez says that she isn’t disappointed with how her face looks, but still feels that she’s done something wrong because it looks too good to be true. “That’s my result. I didn’t do it right,” she adds, before telling fans she might finish doing the rest of her makeup, which she does, and posts another TikTok video. The end result may not have been what Gomez expected, but we’re glad she decided to trust the process. 

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