10 Skin-Care Mistakes That May Be Causing Breakouts

, 10 Skin-Care Mistakes That May Be Causing Breakouts

Not washing your face before bed

“When people skip cleansing in the evening, they’re going to bed with dirt, oil, cellular debris, makeup and SPF that is embedding itself into the pores, causing congestion, dehydration and free radical damage that will rob you of your glow, impair skin function and likely lead to blackheads and acne,” says aesthetician known as “the LA Facialist” Candace Marino. If that wasn’t enough to scare you into washing your face, she adds that “going to bed without clean skin will also rapidly accelerate the aging process by increasing build up in both fine lines and pores, leading to more textured and weathered-looking skin.”

We’ve all been there: The day is done, we’re finally able to crash in bed, and sometimes the last thing we want to do is a four-step skin-care routine. Marino recommends “cleansing the skin and applying your routine as soon as you’re home for the day and before getting comfy on the couch.”

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