Inside Olivia Wilde’s Glowing Skin Routine

, Inside Olivia Wilde’s Glowing Skin Routine

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“I use the ‘Clear’ line, which is based on acne. I used to have really bad breakouts like into my 20s. When everyone else was done with breakouts, I was still getting them,” Wilde tells Harper’s Bazaar.I was going to dermatologists and they were like, ‘You have to use this harsh chemical, and this crazy peel, and this crazy mask.’ And I was like, surely that’s not a good idea.

Now I will say, if you have a full face of makeup on, you would use the Pre-Cleanse Oil first, which you just put on your skin, massage it and follow with the cleanser. It smells so good. It’s like walking through a woodsy spa in Northern California. You want something that smells good, which adds to the ritualistic nature of the routine—you don’t want something that smells like burning tires for the sake of beauty. You can get your face wet first, but I kinda just bang it on there, and who knows if that’s the appropriate thing to do, but who cares?”

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