Medical Grade Skincare Recommended by Top Plastic Surgeons

, Medical Grade Skincare Recommended by Top Plastic Surgeons


“The KaramMD skincare line was originally designed for my surgical patients. Great skin is an incredibly important part of looking as young as you feel. However, my patients had challenges with too many steps, confusion on what to use, and cost, making it difficult to stick to the routine over time.

This led me to creating an easy to use, comprehensive yet simple, three-step routine. The results from the clinical studies were so significant that it led me to want to share it with the world. 

The KaramMD Trifecta includes three breakthrough, medical grade formulas: Rinse Gentle Cleanser, Quench Vitamin C Serum and Illuminate All-in-One Anti-Aging Cream. They work in tandem to deliver the perfect dosage of powerhouse ingredients to provide rejuvenated, healthy, glowing skin.

Our latest product, Polish Enzymatic Resurfacing Treatment, is the perfect complement to the Trifecta. The at-home exfoliating powder is activated in water and can be used one to three times a week. The formula contains enzymes derived from papain and bromelain combined with ultra-fine rice powder, coconut milk, bamboo, and matcha to exfoliate and soften skin. The formula also contains vitamin C and azelaic acid for a brightening boost.” —Dr. Karam

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