Ariana Grande’s r.e.m. Beauty Snags Best Celebrity Brand Title

, Ariana Grande’s r.e.m. Beauty Snags Best Celebrity Brand Title

If you throw a pebble in an Ulta, you’ll hit a celebrity beauty brand. With countless skin care and makeup lines crowding the shelves from our favorite stars, how do they stack up? Well, Cosmopolitan readers have spoken. With over 5 thousand votes, Ariana Grade’s r.e.m. beauty snags the Cosmopolitan Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Celebrity Beauty Brand. Having just launched their Sweetener foundation, a 60-shade range collection of skin care-infused makeup, and celebrating the launch with an NYC pop up, Grande is on top of the beauty world.

Taking to Instagram after the announcement, Grande expressed her gratitude and hinted that there will be more to come from the brand. “thank you @cosmopolitan readers for voting for ! we are so grateful (and we feel like we’re just getting started).”

With over 1 billion (with a B) views on TikTok, r.e.m. beauty is wildly popular. And voters favored r.e.m. beauty not just for the Grande name, but for the quality of the products and packaging.

“The products are beyond and the packaging is so cool,” says one Cosmopolitan voter. “I’m kinda over celeb beauty brands, but this line is just so good. It feels different from other brands,” said another.

r.e.m. beauty’s creative vision is all about realizing your most creative dreams, just like REM sleep does for our brains. It’s vegan and cruelty-free products have been making waves since the brand launched in 2021, but this accomplishment cements Grande’s brand as one of the elites.

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