, If All Else Fails, Jennifer Coolidge Has a Promising Career As a Makeup Artist

If All Else Fails, Jennifer Coolidge Has a Promising Career As a Makeup Artist

, If All Else Fails, Jennifer Coolidge Has a Promising Career As a Makeup Artist

Allure: What’s your favorite beauty tip to ignore?

Coolidge: I don’t like people telling me you have to do anything in order, because it doesn’t really apply to me. I did go to makeup school, and they had these very specific ways of how to do makeup, and I just feel like that doesn’t work for me at all, the order of products or whatever.

I like to mix a lot of things. I like to mix oil with makeup and anything that’s glowy. I feel like I’m experimenting. It’s like a scientist in a lab, and there’s not any rules to it. And sometimes I can’t believe how good it is with just winging it. It doesn’t make it come out better by going with someone’s order.

Allure: What’s a product that’s always in your shower?

Coolidge: I love all kinds of girly-girl soaps and shower gels. I want to smell either like a flower, a donut, or a sugar cookie. I don’t know, I just like when it smells like a donut factory in my bathroom.

Allure: How long does your entire skin-care routine take from start to finish?

Coolidge: I think I can do it in 15.

Allure: What’s a beauty trend you wish would make a comeback?

Coolidge: The really exaggerated eye with the black liner like Brigitte Bardot but even more exaggerated. That’s what I’m into right now, and I hope that comes back.

Allure: What’s the most used item in your makeup bag?

Coolidge: I’ve been doing the lip thing [E.L.F. Dirty Pillows Lip Kit] and I’ve been really happy with the way it’s turned out. Second thing I’m most obsessed with is actually eyeliner. I’m obsessed with eyeliners because I have hooded eyes, so I’m always figuring out ways to make my eyes look longer. There’s just so many possibilities with eyeliner.

Allure: What’s your least favorite part of getting ready?

Coolidge: I think I just don’t like when someone tells me I have to get ready. I hate it when it’s someone else’s idea that I have to get ready.

Allure: What’s your favorite part of getting ready?

Coolidge: It’s always the makeup. I was thinking, if I was in prison, I would probably be a makeup artist in prison. There’s something very meditative about it. When I’m putting on makeup, it doesn’t matter where I am; I completely forget any bad thoughts or anything that gives me stress.

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