, 21 Best Perfumes in 2023, According to Allure Editors

21 Best Perfumes in 2023, According to Allure Editors

, 21 Best Perfumes in 2023, According to Allure Editors

Every day here at Allure, our editors receive the newest perfumes from the largest fragrance houses and the smallest indie brands all before they make it to market, so we can get an exclusive look — or sniff — at what the upcoming season’s best perfumes will be. If you think walking by a department store’s fragrance counters is intimidating, you should get a look at our work-from-home desks.

So, what are the latest and greatest fragrances gracing our scent collection? If you’ve noticed a transition from ultra-sweet fruity scents to more robust fragrances, we have, too — and it’s not just a coincidence. Perfumer Mandy Aftel tells Allure that due to a longing for fresh air and the outdoors in our post-COVID world, there’s been a spike in the demand for what she calls “green” notes. These aren’t “natural scents,” per se, but more so what Aftel describes as fragrances with fresh and herbaceous properties to them — a rather sharp turn from the traditional warmth associated with perfumes for the cooler months. But that doesn’t mean we’re bidding farewell to our floral fragrances or spicier perfumes for good. There’s room for all of them in our collections. 

So, whether you’re looking to try something zesty and new or stick to a comforting old favorite, now is the perfect time to snag a new addition for your rotation. If you don’t know where to start, take a few tips from us: Out of the stockpiles of fragrances we sift through on the regular, these always come out on top. Check out the best perfumes for women, according to Allure staffers, below.

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