, Your Virgo 2024 Yearly Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Your Virgo 2024 Yearly Horoscope Predictions Are Here

, Your Virgo 2024 Yearly Horoscope Predictions Are Here

Read your sign’s monthly horoscope to keep up on what the universe has in store for you or check out the Virgo personality profile to learn more about your sign’s traits.

Welcome to 2024, Virgo. This year sees your confidence skyrocket. When transformative Pluto enters Aquarius on Saturday, January 20, affecting your 6th House of Health (which is about beauty rituals, so don’t worry), it’s the perfect time to revamp your wellness routine. Why not experiment with a bold haircut or epic eye makeup? Then, as Pluto shifts into Capricorn and your 5th House of Pleasure on Sunday, September 1, it beckons you to dive into hobbies that spark joy. Whether it’s painting, dancing, or starting that pottery class, this is your moment. And when Pluto returns to Aquarius on Tuesday, November 19, it’s all about merging these newfound passions into your everyday life. When you’re happiest, your relationships and career flourish.

For you, Virgo, messenger Mercury‘s retrogrades in 2024 might feel more intense, as this communicative planet is your ruler. The year begins on a positive note, with Mercury retrograde concluding on New Year’s Day, setting you up for a productive start just as work routines resume. However, brace yourself for the usual hiccups associated with Mercury’s retrograde phases — travel disruptions, communication mishaps, and perhaps some unexpected reconnections with people from your past. These retrograde periods occur from Monday, April 1 to Thursday, April 25, then from Monday, August 5 to Wednesday, August 28, and finally from Monday, November 25 to Sunday, December 15. As you navigate these times, remember that they also offer opportunities for reflection and growth. Read on to discover more celestial insights on how to make 2024 a remarkable year in aspects of love, friendship, career, and health.

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Important 2024 Astrological Events for Virgo

  • Monday, January 1: Mercury Direct
  • Saturday, February 24: Full Moon in Virgo
  • Monday, April 1: Mercury Retrograde
  • Thursday, April 25: Mercury Direct
  • Thursday, July 25: Mercury enters Virgo
  • Sunday, August 4: Venus enters Virgo
  • Monday, August 5: Mercury Retrograde
  • Thursday, August 22: Sun enters Virgo
  • Wednesday, August 28: Mercury Direct
  • Monday, September 9: Mercury enters Virgo
  • Sunday, September 22: New Moon in Virgo
  • Monday, November 25: Mercury Retrograde
  • Sunday, December 15: Mercury Direct

Love & Relationships

Right off the bat, your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, goes direct on Monday, January 1, setting a clear path for communication in love. Remember, during Mercury retrogrades throughout the year, resist the temptation to revisit past flings. You don’t want texts from toxic exes, and you don’t want to risk being one yourself. Instead, focus on nurturing current relationships even in the face of nostalgia.

Shortly after the first Mercury retrograde ends, the turned-on planet Mars moves into devilish Capricorn, and your 5th House of Pleasure is on Thursday, January 4. This transit injects passion into long-term relationships and adds a spark to new ones. And, of course, it’s a great reminder of the power of sex toys. The heat intensifies when romantic Venus joins Mars in Capricorn on Tuesday, January 23, blending physical affection and deep emotional bonds.

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