, The 5 Skin Care Products a Dermatologist Buys at Trader Joe’s

The 5 Skin Care Products a Dermatologist Buys at Trader Joe’s

Finding the ideal sunscreen can be the ultimate Goldilocks experience: You want a formula that’s not too thick, but not too runny; not too greasy, but also not too drying. Your personal “just right” product will depend on your specific needs, but for Dr. Fahs, this $9 option does the trick. “It comes out clear and rubs in almost like a primer,” she says, adding that “it’s oil-free [and] great for acne-prone skin.”

Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 ($10)

, The 5 Skin Care Products a Dermatologist Buys at Trader Joe’s

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If chemical SPF products keep irritating your skin, Dr. Fahs recommends trying a mineral formula. (In case you didn’t know: Chemical sunscreens absorb heat from the sun’s UV rays, while mineral ones physically block them.) Most people don’t have negative or allergic reactions to the zinc oxide or titanium dioxide used in mineral sunscreens, so they’re generally okay for sensitive skin, as SELF previously explained.

One common complaint with mineral sunscreens, though, is they tend to be thicker in consistency and more likely to leave an annoying white cast, particularly on darker skin—which is why Dr. Fahs loves this “light” Trader Joe’s spray. You can use it on your body and face, but you shouldn’t directly spray it near your delicate eye area, Dr. Fahs warns. Instead, spritz it onto your palms and then apply it across your cheeks, forehead, wherever—that way, you’ll avoid irritating your eyes and also get more even coverage, she explains.

Whether you decide to toss any of the above products in your TJ’s cart or not, let this little list serve as a friendly reminder that high-quality, effective skin care doesn’t always come in fancy packaging—and doesn’t have to cost as much as your Wi-Fi bill either.


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