StriVectin Eye Cream: Rejuvenate Tired Eyes in Just 5 Days

The eye cream debate is alive and well, as many people are hesitant to add an extra step to their already fully loaded skin-care routine. But, the eyes are also the first area on the face to show signs of aging, not to mention the lack of sleep most of us get on a nightly basis. That’s where a good eye cream can become a lifesaver. And as many dermatologists will point out, most of them are formulated differently than face moisturizers to cater to more delicate skin.

We recommend a formula that targets multiple key concerns like puffiness, fine lines and darkness. It should also do all of this without irritating this fragile skin or causing milia (more on that below). The best-selling eye cream—StriVectin Intensive Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles PLUS ($72)—addresses all those concerns and then some.

A Multitasking Eye Concentrate: How the Eye Cream Was Updated

Though this eye cream has long been StriVectin’s best-seller, in 2021, the brand launched a new-and-improved version. “We sell millions of units—it’s our number-one seller—but it was time to inject some newness into it,” says Francine Krenicki, vice president of product development for StriVectin. “It’s a fantastic product for people who want to address many concerns at once, like crow’s-feet, puffiness, fine lines, and luminosity.”

So what changed exactly? The texture is still the same, but the brand added an Arctic marine ferment. This boosts the hydration factor and protects the skin from the visible effects of blue light. “We sourced this bacteria from the deep sea outside of Greenland,” says Krenicki. “It is so important for us to incorporate blue light protection into our formulas. It is a big aggressor we’re all fighting these days.”

The formula is also now fragrance-free. This is a big plus for many people who have sensitivities to fragrance. “You don’t need fragrance around the eyes,” Krenicki says. “The eye cream is also non-milia inducing. Milia is caused by an abundance of keratin in the skin that causes little white bumps. Our testing proved that it won’t create it.”

, StriVectin Eye Cream: Rejuvenate Tired Eyes in Just 5 Days

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How This StriVectin Formula Smooths the Skin for Younger-Looking Eyes

Other key ingredients in this eye cream are collagen-boosting horse chestnut flower extract and antioxidant-rich micro-algae that helps take down puffiness. Green coffee extract is a star too, and Krenicki says it helps soften the appearance of dark circles. “This upgraded formula proved in clinical studies to show results in just five days,” she notes.

Part of those results are smoother fine lines in areas of expression, like between the brows. These lines are often referred to as the “11s.” This is the number-one place where people get neurotoxin injections like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin. “The 11’s are dynamic wrinkles that result from making facial expressions. But after a while, if you don’t treat them, they turn into static wrinkles. This is what we see in this picture [below],” Krenicki explains. “The results you see are after consistent use of the cream for four weeks.” This is an added benefit because this area isn’t considered part of the eye wrinkles that are treated with most products on the market.

, StriVectin Eye Cream: Rejuvenate Tired Eyes in Just 5 Days
Photo courtesy of StriVectin.

An Award-Winning Intensive Eye Treatment

Recently, the product won our inaugural Readers’ Choice Award for “Favorite Eye Cream for Fine Lines.” One 51-year-old fan concerned with dark circles and fine lines said, “It absorbs nicely! It’s thick and works well.”

In clinical testing, after four weeks, the results were impressive. Ninety-three percent of testers showed visible improvement in skin firmness. Ninety percent showed visible improvement in crow’s-feet, 11’s and under-eye puffiness.

The brand also sells a mini version ($18) if you’re interested in trying it first before committing to the full size.

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