Smoothie Bar

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About Us

Walk into the natural world and take a moment to stop and think. Everything that you need to live a healthy life is out here. Mother Nature provides all of the planets you could ever need to survive and thrive. Everything that we have done in this vein, for better or for worse, it is more or less unnecessary, at least on a small scale, because everything we need in order to get by grows from the ground.

At Vie Natura, we have taken this concept to heart and build a company upon it. We work with local farmers to source top-quality fruits and vegetables for our delectable, hearty smoothies. Unlike most smoothie companies, which make their product either in part or in full inside a laboratory, we work with ingredients that are completely natural, confident in our belief that customers will recognize the integrity of what we are doing and support us in the long run as a result. Our motto is this: great food requires a lot of care and attention.


The Impact

While there is an inherent goodness to what we are doing, we are always looking for bigger and better ways to improve the world that we inhabit. As such, we are giving our customers the option to donate 5% of every sale that we make to the charity of their choice. You can pick any  organization available in our community, let us know which one you’ve picked, and watch as their donations roll in courtesy of our business relationship.

Ways You Can Help

You can help us by sharing our campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you may use. The more people know what we are doing, the better off we will be. We want people far and wide to hear all about the superior juices and smoothies that are being sold under the Vie Natura banner.

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