Multichrome Eyeshadows | 2022 Editor’s Favorites

Multichromes really capture the magic of the holiday season to me. They twinkle, they sparkle, they shift, and they are so multidimensional. They work beautifully as an accent of eyeliner or as a one-and-done look, especially lighter and more mid-tone shades, but even black-based Multichromes can work as an all-over-lid shade and blended with one’s favorite transition shade for an intense, unique smoky eye. Clionadh expanded their Stained Glass Collection in August of this past year, which meant 54 new, glorious hues to delight and play with. I loved the new Earth Vibrant and Pearlescent finish. Terra Moons also consistently Continue Reading…

Single Eyeshadows (Over $10) | 2022 Editor’s Favorites

In past years’ roundups, I’ve included Multichromes with Single Eyeshadows, but this year, there were quite a few shades reviewed in the Multichrome finish… and they just needed their own post. I also thought it would be more interesting to see what “regular” eyeshadows stood out in the singles department given that there aren’t THAT many by mainstream brands. The biggest release of singles this year was definitely from Lisa Eldridge, which offered the eyeshadows in five pre-made eyeshadow palette color stories as well as refills. Temptalia’s Favorite Single Eyeshadows (Over $10)| 2022 If you’re unfamiliar with how I like Continue Reading…

Single Eyeshadows (Under $10) | 2022 Editor’s Favorites

One of the best reasons to review indie brands is to actually have options upon options of single eyeshadows to choose from. If you love building your own palettes or prefer to augment your existing collection by adding specific shades one by one, you just have to give indie brands a chance. It’ll surprise no one that Sydney Grace eyeshadows remain a staple in these year-end favorites list; every time I test new shades, I’m always like, “They’re so good, and I just want EVERY shade to be made in these formulas.” Give Me Glow is an incredible source for Continue Reading…

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